If you are converting your current/valid American FAA Pilot Licence to a Canadian Transport Canada Pilot Licence, please visit the FAA Licence Conversion page on our website

Reference: Transport Canada Website

Reference: Flying to Canada - What You Should Know

International pilots who wish to fly Canadian registered aircraft while in Canada have a few options for converting their foreign pilot license to a Canadian Private Pilot Licence as follows:


If you are wish to fly recreationally in Canada while you are here visiting (short term) and you currently hold a Private Pilot Licence from another ICAO member country, you should apply for a Foreign Licence Validation Certificate (FLVC).

The FLVC is valid for a one year period, after which you may choose to renew it or apply for a permanent Canadian Private Pilot Licence (see Option #2 below). To apply for the FLVC, you will need to make an appointment to visit a Transport Canada licensing office in person and:

1. Complete the Foreign Licence Validation Certificate Application Form

2. Provide proof of your current foreign pilot licence, foreign pilot medical, pilot logbook, passport and the completed FLVC application form for Transport Canada - see: Transport Canada Licensing Offices

3. The cost of the FLVC is $45 CAD and can be paid by credit card on the Transport Canada website (Select ‘Licence or Permit’ from the list of choices)

Note: Any subsequent FLVC renewals can be completed via email and do not need to be done in person (in person visit only required for the initial FLVC).


If you are visiting Canada on a regular basis or are staying here for an extended period of time and want a Canadian Private Pilot Licence for a term longer than one year, you have the option to convert your current foreign pilot licence to a Canadian Private Pilot Licence. An applicant who is the holder of a Private Pilot Licence issued by another ICAO member country shall be considered to have met the ground school, written examination and flight test requirements provided they can show their foreign pilot licence and personal pilot logbook. In order to convert to a Canadian Private Pilot Licence you will need to:

1. Obtain a Canadian Aviation Medical (Class III or higher) prior to coming to Canada if possible - for a complete list of approved medical examiners, see: Approved Medical Examiners

2. Complete the Transport Canada PSTAR exam (can be completed at Diamond Flight Centre)

3. Complete a minimum of 5 take-offs and landings within 6 months preceding the date of application

4. Have a minimum of the following flight experience in your pilot logbook:
- 45 Hours Total Flight Time
- 12 Hours Solo Flight Time
- 5 Hours Instrument Flight Time
- 3 Hours Dual Cross Country Time
- 5 Hours Solo Cross Country Time

5. Complete an Aviation Language Proficiency Test (Transport Canada will transfer any language proficiency of Level 4, 5 or 6)

6. Complete the Canadian Restricted Radio Operator Exam (can be completed at Diamond Flight Centre). Note: If you already have a Radio Licence issued by a contracting ICAO state (must be stated/printed on your current foreign licence), this requirement will be waived.

7. Pay $55 CAD to Transport Canada via their website

Once you have completed the above requirements at the closest Transport Canada Licensing Office, you will be issued a Canadian Private Pilot Licence which will state that it is based on your existing foreign pilot licence. To remove this restriction from your Canadian Private Pilot Licence, you must successfully complete the PPL written examination (PPAER) and the Private Pilot flight test with an approved Transport Canada-approved pilot examiner.


If you are coming to Canada to train for the Canadian Commercial Pilot Licence, you will need to:

  • Remove the restriction of your Canadian PPL being based on your foreign PPL (as per option #2 above) by:

    • Successfully complete the PPL written examination (PPAER)

    • Successfully complete the PPL flight test with an approved Transport Canada-approved pilot examiner

  • Get a Study Permit (for duration of stay six months or greater)

  • Complete a Class 1 Canadian Aviation Medical - Approved Medical Examiners

If you currently hold a foreign:

  • Commercial Pilot Licence - Aeroplane Category

  • Multi-Engine Rating

  • Instrument Rating

  • Airline Transport Pilot Licence - Aeroplane Category

and want to convert them to Canada, please refer to the Transport Canada Website - Licensing for Foreign Pilots.