DFC London - Private Pilot GROUND SCHOOL

$395 + HST


First family member pays full price & any additional family members receive a 50% discount on the registration fee - a savings of almost $200 per family member! 


The aim of ground school is to help you understand all the theoretical information that goes along with a pilot’s licence. Ground school covers all of the required knowledge to pass the final Transport Canada written examination. The ground school covers all required areas including air law, airspace, engines and airframes, meteorology, navigation, flight operations, flight instruments and human factors.

Transport Canada requires a minimum of 40 hours of Private Pilot ground school in order for an individual to be issued their Private Pilot Licence. The DFC ground school exceeds the Transport Canada minimum requirement with approximately 48 hours of classroom time (in order to cover all of the required material listed in the Transport Canada Study & Reference Guide). 

Once registered, you have access to our ongoing ground school classes to take any classes missed or any classes that you want a refresher on until you have passed the Transport Canada written examination (PPAER). You can start your ground school on most of the dates below and then attend any of the missed classes on the next ground school. Please contact us for more details! 


  • Introduction & Human Factors
  • Theory of Flight
  • Airframes & Engines
  • Flight Instruments
  • Meteorology 1 (Theory)
  • Meteorology 2 (Theory)
  • Meteorology 3 (Hazardous Weather)
  • Meteorology 4 (Weather Reports and Forecasts)
  • Air Law
  • Air Law/Airspace
  • Performance Charts, Weight and Balance, Airmanship
  • Flight Operations
  • Navigation Basics/Flight Computer
  • Practical Met/Flight Planning /X- Country Navigation
  • Cross Country Navigation
  • Radio Navigation

Please visit our EVENTS page for information on the current and upcoming PPL ground school classes being offered at DFC London. 

Private Pilot Ground School Kit

$295 + HST

The DFC Private Pilot Licence ground school kit contains everything that you will need for your Private Pilot Ground School class (and the majority of your flight training). Kit contents are as follows: 

  • DFC London Flight Bag
  • From The Ground Up
  • From The Ground Up Workbook
  • Flight Training Manual
  • Pilot Logbook
  • Pilot Training Record
  • Canadian PPL Answer Guide
  • Aeronautical Information Manual (A.I.M.)
  • Toronto VNC (Aeronautical Chart)
  • E6-B Flight Computer (Aluminum)
  • ICAO Chart Ruler
  • Douglas Square Protractor
  • Diamond DA20 Aircraft Checklist

Ground school kit items can be purchased separately if you already have some of the materials listed above. Purchasing the entire ground school kit is less expensive than purchasing items individually (bulk purchase discount applied).