If you are looking for a flying career in the aviation industry and are starting your flight training from the beginning (i.e. no previous flight experience), the DFC London Professional Pilot Program (PPP) is for you!

The PPP training will cover all of the minimum required licences and ratings needed to work for hire or reward and be paid for your services as a pilot working for a licensed commercial air operator in Canada. The PPP consists of the following training: 


  • You must be a minimum of 17 years of age to begin the program and be a minimum of 18 years of age upon completion of the program (in order to be issued a Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) per Transport Canada regulations)

  • Aviation Language Standard Met - Information

  • Have achieved a minimum education standard of high school graduation (Note: If persuing airline employment, it is STRONGLY recommended to have a university or college level degree or diploma)

  • Have successfully qualified for a Transport Canada Category 1 Aviation Medical Certificate

  • Have completed a minimum of 0.5 dual hours flight training experience (introductory flight)


There are three steps involved in the admission process:

1) Initial email to DFC London indicating your interest in the Professional Pilot Program (PPP)

2) Information package submission - please email submission to

  • Photocopy of your Transport Canada Category 1 Aviation Medical

  • An outline of your career plans in the field of aviation (include your thoughts on types of flying that may interest you, companies you might work for, location(s), career progress over time, probable salary levels, etc)

  • Copies of any acquired aviation related certificates and/or licences (if applicable)

  • A copy of the latest entries in your pilot logbook (if applicable)

  • Evidence of at least 0.5 hours of dual flight training (DFC Introductory Flight meets this requirement)

3) Interview with DFC London staff following submission of your application package


Prior to beginning your flight training for the Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL), you must have a valid Category 1 aviation medical certificate from a Transport Canada-approved Civil Aviation Medical Examiner (CAME). Below is a list of approved list of medical examiners in the London, Ontario area:

Dr. Bates

  • Office: 519-438-5101
  • Address: #208-190 Wortley Road

Dr. Chapeskie

  • Office: 519-461-0776
  • Address: Box 130, 21816 Fairview Road (Thorndale)

Dr. Malizia

  • Office: 519-455-1990
  • Address: 1033 Dundas Street

Dr. Marshall

  • Office: 519-245-3590
  • Address: 31 Caradoc Street North

Dr. Siu

  • Office: 519-858-4694
  • Address: 827 Richmond Street

Medical Examiners can be found here on the Transport Canada website


18-20 months if flying full time (minimum 5 training sessions per week)