How much does it cost?

Based on Transport Canada minimum requirements, the cost is approximately $9,570 CAD (see our Flight Instructor Rating information sheet here for a detailed breakdown of training costs)

How long will it take to complete the training?

If you fly full time (at least three training flights per week), it should take approximately 2.5 months. If you fly part time (one training flight per week), it should take approximately 6 months.

How old do I need to be?

You must hold a minimum of a Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) and be at least 18 years of age in order to hold a Flight Instructor Rating in Canada.

What are the requirements to begin ground school training?

In order to begin the ground school portion of the training, candidates must have completed at least 150 hours flight time, passed both their CPL written exam and CPL flight test and must hold a current/valid Class 1 Medical Certificate.

What are the requirements to begin flight training?

To begin the flight training portion of the Class 4 Instructor Rating, candidates must hold a valid CPL or ATPL as well as a valid Class 1 Medical Certificate.

Is the Instructor Rating valid in all Canadian provinces?

Yes. Your Flight Instructor Rating is valid for any region in Canada and qualifies you to provide flight instruction under the supervision of a Class 1 or 2 flight instructor at any Flight Training Unit (FTU) across Canada.

How long is my Rating valid for?

Your initial Class 4 Instructor Rating is valid to the first day of the 13th month following issuance. It can be renewed either by attending a Transport Canada Instructor Refresher Course (highly recommended) or by taking a flight test with a qualified Transport Canada inspector. You can upgrade to a Class 3 flight instructor rating prior to the expiry of your Class 4 rating by recommending three students for first solo, 3 students for flight test and conducting at least 100 hours of flight instruction time.

How much money do flight instructors make?

The pay scale for Flight Instructors varies from school to school. The Air Transport Association of Canada website ( has excellent materials on aviation jobs in Canada including information for flight instructors.

What are the prospects of finding employment as a Flight Instructor?

Currently, prospects of employment as a Flight Instructor are excellent. There is now significant movement in the aviation industry which has opened up jobs for instructors. One good site to explore is which has postings for aviation-related jobs including flight instructors across Canada. Currently, the market is excellent and the prospects are improving steadily.

Do you promise employment if I do my instructor training with you?

While we do prefer to hire instructors from within our own instructor training program, we cannot and do not promise anyone employment.